Saturday, July 9, 2011

Kenneth (Ken) A. Megill

Dr. Ken Megill is one of my philosophical heroes. he wrote the only paper directly comparing Charles S. Peirce and Karl Marx that I could find over months of research. I wrote my paper on the same topic and e-mailed it to him. A few weeks later, I received an e-mail from him describing how he was fired from the University of Florida for his politics and hasn't been able to teach philosophy for years. (The paper of his I wrote on was published in 1967). He also mentioned that he would be in Beijing to present another paper on Marxism, which he published at the same time, that he would expound upon to a special Chinese government bureau which is researching Marxism (Most expert Marx writings are heavily Stalinist [except for György Lukács, A Marxist philosopher from Hungary, whom Ken is introducing to Chinese scholarship).

Ken is a highly accomplished individual who I am honored to have met, he founded the current union for Florida college professors, and CREATED a completely new academic field: Information systems management.

He invited me out for dinner, I went and had the honor of speaking with him for about three hours. He invited me to attend his lecture at Beijing Normal University on Monday!

Dr. Kenneth A. Megill and I.

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